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Even if I can’t have a bird or two at the moment (my kitty would eat them), I think this is a wonderful way of keeping some bird cages.  Don’t you love that colour pop!

Even Aqua makes old empty pots look trendy.  Look at the lavender in the background, you can imagine this all potted up.

Is this the back or the front door?  I really don’t mind, as I think it is beautiful.

But help me out here – what is with the glass door over the solid door?
I am not getting the reason.
Could it be, it is coldish outside and they have the solid door open yet keeping the glass door closed to enjoy the view.
Do you think they live near a noisy road and they open the solid door and keep some noise at bay with the glass door closed?

What do you think?

Have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by – I’m trying to get some button orders out today and a few jewellery orders finished too.



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  1. Love the door too.Gorgeous.I recently bought two french looking pots with the toen name Versailles on it and planted lavender in them.They now live at my entrance door same as in your picture.Now my aim is to get Wysteria to grow on my front porch. I have started a blog on my french provincial project for home:http://www.vintagefrenchhomes.blogspot.com.au/
    Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

  2. Georgica Pond says:

    Love that door and I saw some birdcages like that yesterday and thought they'd be fabulous in our pool cabana. Great ideas. Have seen that glass outer door a bit recently and it must be for very cold climates, and it probably double glazed to keep out the cold, and mostly likely if snow falls usually and piles up against the house.

  3. Loulou, I love this color and lavenders and the bird cages without birds, this morning I took photo of a purple & great one in Istanbul, probably will end up in a near future post ( I just returned from a quick hectic business trip why I couldn't read your posts these days, will catch up : ) )

  4. I love that colour , the door thing I'm not sure about ? They seem to have it covered regardless … lovely pots xx Ava

  5. What I would give to paint my door turquoise. Curse you body corporate!
    Hope you're having a lovely week Loulou! Jx

  6. Girls

    just thought of another reason for the glass door

    there is an office inside and they open the solid internal one when the office it “open for business”

    Well – it could be :)



  7. How gorgeous! It would be a fabulous thing to step out in the garden. Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  8. This season I'm just LOVING teal! SO my friend, thank you for sharing these.. the birdcages are my favourite… I loveeee the door but I'd totally do without the double glazing :( ( that compromises the charachter a bit don't you think??

  9. Oh there is a bird cage display at Floriade, i'll have to get a shot of it, i think it's meant to be Moroccan?? Glorious though.
    Double doors, maybe it's a European equivilant to us having solid doors & fly screen doors?? I like it, love a full glass door or wall to ceiling window. Keep the cold or noise at bay while enjoying the view.
    Finally, MEGA fan of blues & aqua is right up there in my shade mix, love Posie

  10. Lovely shots of those yummy blues!

  11. Probably for security and insulation/noise reduction, maybe it's double glazed.
    Isn't it fun imagining Why?
    Loving the aqua, it's a happy shade.

    Have a lovely day Miss Loulou

  12. Perhaps the inner door is for security, and the glass door is there for mornings when the owners are home, but want to see out to this lovely little courtyard.

    Very pretty though – all of the images. Love that shade of turquoise. And small birdcages are much better with plants in them than poor little birds who can't fly in them, anyway, I reckon.

    Virginia xx

  13. These are beautiful pics. I love the colors! Maybe the inner door has no glass in those panes so the outer door is to keep the buggies out. : ) Very curious!

  14. I think the glass door, is for the cold. Could be wrong but have seen this in Britain. Gorgeous Bird cages and that colour is sooo pretty. Enjoy today Loulou! Mimi xx

  15. Love this stunning color!
    Great – door – or birdcages!!!

    ♥ Franka

  16. Love the birdcages, and what a great use for them. Again that aqua colour is such a winner.

    Looking at that door, I think that it faces a cool damp area, so the glass door is there to let in light and keep in warmth. Such a beautiful door!

    Wow Wednesday already, have a good one!


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