Welcome to Super Girl.

Wonderful gals, great to see you.
Introducing you to one of my Super Girl days.
Lets bring out the Super Girl in you.  When did you last shine?
What moment or thing was it that made you feel super?
To set things straight from the start. I am not meaning you have to be Superwoman, (you know the types that think errors or failure is permanent – the ones that are so ashamed to admit they make mistakes).
I don’t mean in any sense that you can’t drop the balls you juggle.
We’re human, we’re normal, we are always going to have days where the balls just don’t stay up.
But, I’m here to tell you Super Girl that you are wonderful and you need to believe that. Did you ever imagine you would have achieved all that you have now 10 years ago? 
Setbacks are mostly temporary, indeed they are.  It’s what you do with the setbacks that shape you. 
Super qualities rise from the strength and determination of a woman who isn’t afraid to though off obstacles that come her way.

Everything works out in the end – you just need to believe it.  It will work out!

So Super Girl, have a great day.
Grab today and opportunity with both hands and never look back, you are a Super Girl.

From me to you, one normal girl that gets to feel rather super thanks to you.
x  Loulou
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x Loulou


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  1. I'm almost the opposite Loulou… I think as a kid and teen and young adult, I imagined I would achieve all sorts of things, and am not sure I have.

    I always thought I would be good/excel (ie. better than others) at SOMETHING but haven't ever found what it is/was… or perhaps it wasn't meant to be!

    I like the reminder though – of that young innocence and of a time when you think anything is possible!


  2. Dear friend!
    Sometimes I really want I could be a superwoman! It seems so nice to have have superpower. One thing I have always wanted to know is; what on earth does a superwoman to maintain her energy? And where does she get it from? Does she have extra battery somewhere? Or better are they rechargeable?

    I constantly juggle my balls, however it one or two of them fall down I have learned that it's not a sign of weakness or failure, but more a sign of my total amount of energy should be spent different. It also tells me that my “time-out-flag” should come up in the air. Maybe I need to give myself a pep-talk, or I just need to buy myself a new pair of shoes? Regardless, I probably deserve it!!

    Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday! 3 weeks at the beach sounds wonderful!!! And yes, please have a swim in the surf for me! I love the sea!!
    I really hope you will be able to pop by to give me an update on the temperature in and out of the water!

    A really big and warm hug from your friend at the other side of the globe,
    Anette Willemine

  3. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I needed that today! Thankyou. x

  5. Yep, that is so true. The truth be known that “super people” are just ordinary people having a go each day & getting back up again if they're knocked down. Keep up the great blogging!!

  6. If you are not already, you should be a life coach. I always feel better after a visit to yours. Hope you are well and life is good `on the other side` (of the world)! x

  7. Super Girl? I don't know about Super Girl, Crazy Batty Woman perhaps. Ha ha ha….
    Seriously though, lovely post, especially the bit about using time wisely, you have exchanged a day of your life for it!

    Have a great one, Super Lady.


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