Kate Moss’s Daughter lost 2 fingers


Did you see another Photoshop gone wrong.
Whilst Photoshop is so widely used and practically acts like a marriage with professional photographers,  glossy magazines and editors alike (just to name a few).
It is used by air-brushing to ‘enhance’ and ‘bring out’ the better features whilst supposedly hiding the ‘flaws’ (I prefer to call them characteristics) of a person or object.
It’s all about the sell.  It helps us believe the re-touched object in its appearance is better for us than the original and feeds on our emotions.
Here is Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace from a previous Vogue photo shoot.
The photoshop editor disastrously removed Kate’s daughters last 2 fingers.
A little too heavy on the blending lets say!
I suppose to what degree, but I wonder are you for or against Photoshopping?  
loulou x
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  1. Hey Loulou,
    I cannot stand Photoshop. It gives an uber-headache and other than adding a bit of a white glow to some of my photos I would rather things to be natural. Anyhoo, on another note Loulou I believe I owe you an apology….I have been responding to your comments on my blog via email, only to discover yesterday that they are being sent to a no-reply address! I am so, extremely sorry and I really value and appreciate your comments. In future I will reply directly beneath your comments, so you don't think I'm a big, rude, snobby-pants :)
    Take care, LL
    Cas x

  2. I'm afraid that I am not a fan of photoshop at all. Why can't we appreciate real beauty in all it's forms. Sure the odd pimple should probably be removed, but if not, then maybe teenagers (actually all women in general) would then realise that models are actually human too. Take note of the stunning Sarah Murdoch who went on a cover sans touch up and she was stunning. Yes she is a beautiful woman anyway… but that is why she is a model.

    Saying that I have had a photo that was touched up once…. it was my senior deb ball and I had braces. Mum decided that they needed to be removed!

  3. I work for magazines and I see it all the time…photoshop is everywhere and is affecting every single page of most magazines. As for photoshop and photography – my belief is you should get it right when you take the photo, not in the post-processing! x

    • Hello Jodi

      thank you for coming by my blog – firstly I just popped over to your beautiful blog and have swooned! I am going back after this comment to join :)

      My aunty was known many decades ago as a Photo-retoucher.
      I suppose this was a “olden” day photoshop or she was the first of the photoshoppers.
      I used to watch her as a young girl retouch bridal photographs.
      She had the most massive photo box, mirror, lamp, and magnifying window – this is where she weaved her magic.
      She would use the finest ended paint brush and take a pimple or blemish away a matched flesh toned paint.
      erase a wisp of hair in the wrong spot for the photographer etc with her steady hand and once again correctly matched paint and brush.

      So I gather it has been going on longer than we can imagine.

      have a wonderful day


  4. When I was studying web, I was friends with a guy doing the same qualifications as me who's sole job was retouching photos for magazines like Vogue. He said you'd be amazed at how different the photos look after they've been retouched and a lot of the models all have blemish and their skin tone isn't even.

    I'm okay with a bit of tweaking, remove a pimple here and there, but I think some publications have started going overboard. If the subject starts to look like there skin is plastic, it's time to stop :)

    F x

    Fiona :: Acumen Creative

  5. Such a great point Danielle! In an era where everyone's a photographer, not everyone's a photographer. It does make sense. You just have to read it twice. :-)

    • Hello Penny

      Yes we are all trying to take our best photos aren't we.
      I use photoshop when I can – it is such a vortex to be sucked in with so much to learn.

      thank you for coming by – lovely to 'see' you :)

      have a great day

  6. That is funny! I use photoshop – but only minimally (brighten colour and lighten photos – that is about it). I do think that some people do rely on it more than they should. What happened to taking a gorgeous photo to start with? Anyone can take a crap photo and turn it into something with PS. But to take a stunning photo SOOC (Straight out of Camera) is talent! :)

    • Hi Danielle,

      thank you for taking the time to comment, it means a lot.

      I so agree the art of the photographer's skill must need to be questioned – remember the old point, shoot, film processing days – you got what you had.

      have a lovely day,


  7. All for it, especially if its for all to see. I can handle the missing fingers but that crease between the arm and back looks awful. G. x

    • Hi gorgeous

      Oh I didn't notice the crease but now you have picked it out – yuk!

      have a lovely day and thanks for swinging by.


  8. I'm not really opposed to photoshopping used on magazine covers and the like – they serve a purpose, encouraging us to buy it / want it etc… but I think there needs to be more honesty.

    Perhaps now though, most of us just 'assume' photoshopping has been involved and so are more cynical about it all anyway. It does – however – give us a false sense of others' beauty / appearance etc and those of us who compare probably fail terribly when we do so!


    • Hello Deb,

      yes I always assume photoshopping has been conducted to.

      though with a society with higher statistics of low self esteem and people being treated for mental illness's – somethings-gotta-give.

      thanks for coming by

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