DIY: How To Make A Magnetic Games Board – Great For Gifts & Children

I have a pretty cool DIY and easy “how to tutorial” to make for gifts, the kids or why not keep it for you.
As I type this, Christmas is just around the corner.
With a few simple items I gathered at Officeworks, this will have you or your children set for some fun Tic Tac Toe (noughts & crosses) games for the holidays.
Keep this magnetic whiteboard on the wall, fridge, move it from room to room or best still – take it travelling with you.
It’s one of those things no matter how young or old – you want to have a turn and place a nought or a cross somewhere on a grid.

Tools & Equipment: (most items found at Officeworks)

 Step 1.

  • Start from left side of magnetic whiteboard.
  • From top left to right, place a small dot at 5cm increments using the whiteboard pen – mark 3 in total.
  • From top left going down, place a small dot at 5cm increments using the whiteboard pen – mark 3 in total.
  • You need to mark the same opposing dots so you can make your square nice and even.

Step 2.

  • From your marked dots, apply your whiteboard adhesive grid tape (or alternative tape you choose)
  • Keep an eye on your application making sure it looks nice, even and squared.
  • eg: from your dots on the left, apply tape and extend to the dots you marked on the right and the same for the up and down.
  • Cut tape at end of last marked dot.
  • After all tape is in position, use your whiteboard eraser to clean off marked dots.

 Step 3.

  • Use your tape to mark out lines and make and area for your scoreboard and tallying.
  • I chose to place mine to the right of the grid area.

 Step 4.

  • Use your selected Washi Tapes to give you some pretty borders to your magnetic board.
  • I chose reds because I love the colour and it certainly sings “Christmas”.

 Step 4.

  • Use a selected Washi Tape to wrap around your pen for extra decoration.

 Step 5.

  • Place magnets in postion
  • Keep spare magnets at the top or below your games board so you won’t lose them.
  • If your pen doesn’t come with a magnet attached (mine did), glue a small magnet to it so you won’t lose that either.
  • Fill in names and score board to keep the good times a rolling!

There you have it crafty critters, a perfect and clever use of a magnetic whiteboard.
I also think it would be great in the middle of the coffee table or on the fridge
I bet someone would always place a magnet in position as they walk past or sit nearby.

What do you think friends, could you use something like this around the home (or office)?
I love it and we’re putting ours to good use already!

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  1. Nice idea, makes a game of noughts and crosses a bit more fun when played on the “deluxe” board. I bet that it will keep the young folk entertained over the holidays.

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