Q & A: Meet Christina from Hair Romance

Welcome to the first in a series of “Get To Know – Q & A’s”..
These are the extra fun times and to get to know some amazing women who also happen to be darn fantastic bloggers too. (Look out world!)

Introducing Christina Butcher… The lady with the hair.  Not just any ol’ hair – her gorgeous set of tresses would make Rupunzel jealous.  Christina is as lovely as her blog Hair Romance .  She has recently expanded her love of beauty and now also runs Nail Romance.
What is that saying “give a job to a busy person…”.

Where did you grow up?

I’m a Sydney girl born and raised, but I did have a short stint as a baby in Fiji while my dad worked there and I finished school with an exchange program in France

What is your favourite memory of growing up?

My favourite memories are from the beach and that feeling of getting back into a hot car after spending hours in the sea makes me feel like a kid again.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A photographer for National Geographic.

My favourite food is?


5 famous people I’d invite to a dinner party?

Karl Lagerfeld, Richard Branson, Diane Von Furstenberg, Oprah & Ryan Gosling.

My best bargain buy was?

My 1950s bar for $50. It’s a feature in our house and been the centre of some epic parties.

5 things always found in my fridge?

Champagne, Aperol, beer, eggs, olives.

The worst gift I ever received was?

A gift certificate for a course at clown college (not even kidding) and I have a fear of clowns.
I swapped it for a seafood picnic on a private beach. Much more my style!

How to get on the wrong side of me would be?

I’m not very good at holding grudges. I’m pretty easy going but if you’re always late and rude I‘ll let you drift out of my life.

If I could live anywhere in the world it would be?

New York

Something you’d be surprised to know about me is?

I’m not very good at riding a bike as I only learnt when I was 27.

My worst fashion disaster was?

My entire jazz ballet career – pink & blue eyeshadow, all that lycra and teased hair. Lucky only one video survives and I have the only copy.

I love it when?

I’m near the water. I go for a walk around Sydney Harbour to relax and I love the beach.

Thank you so much Christina for your time .  Perhaps one day we could see that teased hair with the lycra go viral on YouTube!  Go on – do it!
Loulou-ers you must agree, this gal is going places her hair probably never dreamed of.  Well done and good luck – always Christina – you deserve it.

It’s always nice to know who’s popped by Loulou-ers – so please leave your comments below, it doesn’t matter how short they are. x


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  1. Hey Loulou! A great interview of a great gal! I think with your interviewing prowess you could be an online-Oprah! Great stuff! X

  2. Ps sorry that was meant to say keep ’em coming ~predictive text :(

  3. Love Q and A interviews … Keep me coming and what a lovely lady Christina is and I so get the dislike of being late … One of my peeves .. Happy Monday x

  4. Fabulous interview! Love learning about the little things xx

  5. I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer when I was little too :)

    Great Q & A. Rachel x


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